Welcome to the home of Beautiful wood Slabs, woodturning blanks and custom built furniture made especially for you.


Our furniture is built with our clients firmly at the forefront and actively taking part in the progression of their items until they are sitting in their home.


We love the wonderful creations that come out of a piece of wood. From the magnificent banquet table to the tiniest coasters.


Our Webshop is on this site - see further below. Many more items will be added in the coming weeks.


Our sawmill is also very busy. We have 75 Yew, Tiger Striped Oak and other Slabs in Stock, plus 30 logs awaiting milling in the months ahead.





You can also find our items for sale on Etsy under the "MeAndYew" shop.

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Bois Jolie


Beautiful Wood


Please contact

Michael Ferland



07801 400 825

Please note that i may not answer the phone if running the mill or the lathe so text me and i will get back to you asap.



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